first of all thank you for your excellent work!

I have been using TKL Wordpress appliance in a VM for a while.

Now I wanted to add some more app functionality and installed rootless docker under my own debian user name.

But when I tried to install the first docker container (the root partition has more than enough space), I got the following error message:

docker: failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): write /kubectl: no space left on device.

What does this mean?

Is there anything about TKL apps that prevents running Docker?


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That's a strange error if you definitely have enough free space! Having said that, docker will chew up lots of space fairly quickly if you've downloaded containers and started them (or at least tried to start them). I don't use docker very much, but last time I cleaned up old docker containers cleared nearly 8GB! So I'd recommend that you double checked free space like this

df -h

Beyond that, there is nothing in TurnKey that should stop docker from working. Under the hood TurnKey is just (a light weight) Debian (with a few added extras, such as Confconsole and Webmin; and some pre-configuration).

FWIW, a quick google suggests that this issue is not uncommon. Although it usually seems to relate to some other default OS limitation on the free space available to Docker. I suggest that you have a search around and try a few of the suggestions that others have given. If you discover a solution that works for you (and/or want some further input), please post back.

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