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I've been trying to release an IP address on AWS that is associated with an instance created via Turnkey. I can't get AWS to release or disassociate and I can't get the IP resource deleted on Turnkey as it states the IP doesn't belong to me.

Seems like I'm stuck in a loop. Anyone with ideas on how to delete the elastic IP or unlink it from Turnkey so that I can release it on AWS?

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Hi Jason and deep apologies on my slow response.

Unfortunately, you've hit a Hub bug. :( The Hub currently has a problematic relationship with Elastic IPs. Other than adding a new elastic IP to a new server, it doesn't work as it should. We've been hoping to fix it for a while now, but my colleague Alon has been sidelined and hasn't had a chance to look into it, and I don't have access to the code.

The work around is to use the AWS console to remove (or change) an existing Elastic IP. Note that unlike the Hub, AWS console is split into geographic regions. It's likely that it will default to your desired region, but if not, please change the AWS console region via the dropdown in the top menu bar (second from the far right).

Hopefully that gets you going. If you need further guidance, please post back and I'll endeavour to respond a bit quicker...

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