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I currently have a domain running with turnkey Domain Controller 16.0 that is installed in some offices, the idea, if possible, is to add a secondary domain or make a replica of the same domain, in a distant building that is not on the same LAN, bone to make a remote connection to the main domain through the internet.

What would be the best way to add a secondary domain or replicate the primary domain from another internet network?

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What you want is a "site-to-site" VPN - essentially linking the 2 separate sites into a single LAN. In other words, you need a VPN server in both locations linked in "site-to-site" mode. You can use either of the TurnKey VPN apps for this (use the same on both ends); OpenVPN (the original and some still consider, the best open source VPN) or WireGuard (what all the cool kids use these days).

Then you should be able to add the new domain controller to the existing domain! :)

PS apologies on slow response, as you likely noticed, the website was playing up.

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