My code in Alteryx RTool is not producing the output.

Input <- read.Alteryx("#1")  # Even tried using this to change input data to data frame.Input <- read.Alteryx("#1", mode="data.frame") 

print(Input)                 # The input data is printed.

Output1 <- Input[Input$My_MONTH==max(Input$My_MONTH)-1 & !Input$CASE_ID %in% Input[Input$My_MONTH==max(Input$My_MONTH)-2,c("CASE_ID")],]
Output2 <- Input[Input$My_MONTH==max(Input$My_MONTH) & !Input$CASE_ID %in% Input[Input$My_MONTH==max(Input$My_MONTH)-1,c("CASE_ID")],]


The problem is Output1 and Output2 do not get any data.

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This is the TurnKey Linux forums. I have never used, nor even heard of 'alteryx' before your post. I suggest posting somewhere more relevant.

If you are trying to run it on a TurnKey Linux server, then please check for relevant info for Debian. TurnKey Linux is based on Debian and is binary compatible with it - please keep in mind that whilst Ubuntu is also based on Debian, it's NOT binary compatible so it is highly recommended to never add Ubuntu repos to a Debian based server, unless it is explicitly designed to also support Debian.

Good luck.

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