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TO Support,

Today I am playing around TurnKey Owncloud on your website, Everything looks great, but an error show: cURL error 60: SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name ''

To try update newer update 10.10.0.. No go to able to update it..


Also, I play with Netcloud 16.1 from your site and install.. However Netcloud came perfectly, But what been appeared before and after update. It say bcmath error..


Would some what get both fix so I can place real into my soon. AS for now localhost testing right now.. those need figure out, simple fix instructions..



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Hi there, welcome to TurnKey and thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

Re the ownCloud issue you've reported, could you please provide a little more info on what you did to hit that issue? I'll have a look myself and perhaps it's obvious, but it's always really useful if you can provide info on how the steps required to reproduce the issue. That will make it quicker for me to understand the issue. If I can recreate it, I can fix it! :)

Re Nextcloud, that is getting quite dated. I hope to have an updated appliance ready soon, but in the meantime, you should be able to resolve the 'bcmath' issue. Do that like this:

apt update
apt install -y php-bcmath
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I just did a test upgrade of ownCloud and it appeared to work ok. I did launch it in an LXC container initially and that failed because redis wasn't running (a separate issue that I'll look into a bit further). But after I got redis running, then I did the upgrade like this:

# backup system - at least /var/www/owncloud and owncloud DB
mv /var/www/owncloud /var/www/owncloud.bak
mysqldump owncloud > /var/www/owncloud-db.sql

# prep (disable cron, enable maintenence mode and disable web access)
mv /etc/cron.d/owncloud /var/www/owncloud.crond
turnkey-occ maintenance:mode --on
systemctl stop apache2

# get new version and unpack
tar -xjf owncloud-complete-latest.tar.bz2
chown -R www-data:www-data owncloud

# copy across config and do upgrade
cp owncloud.bak/config/config.php owncloud/config/
turnkey-occ upgrade

# I got an error message: 
# App directory "/var/www/owncloud/apps-external" not found! Please put the ownCloud 
# apps folder in the ownCloud folder or the folder above. You can also configure the 
# location in the config.php file.

# to fix that, I just created the (sub)directory, but the "proper" way to fix it is
# ro create the dir, ensure it's owned by www-data and then adjust config file to 
# point to the relevant dir. It's possibly also worth doing the same for the 'apps' 
# directory too?

# prep to make live again
systemctl start apache2
turnkey-occ maintenance:mode --off
mv /var/www/owncloud.crond /etc/cron.d/owncloud

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