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 Just installed the drupal 6 appliance on my vps at and need some help getting out of the blocks.
 Accessing Webmin via http://myIP:1000/ resolves a page load error. What am I doing wrong?


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I can answer my own question. Reading the appliance specific page I found that webmin listens on port 12321.
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Glad to hear you got sorted out! If you run into any other issues drop us a line.
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Well how about a little help with installing software? Using the default Webmin interface seems forward enough. I'm somewhat used to a command line, although not good enough that I don't appreciate a GUI, with debian but not so much with Ubuntu. Looking for software packages is tripping me up. I chose to install the drupal 6 appliance and would now like to also install subversion. I enter sudo apt-get install subversion libapache2-svn and it begins reading package lists etc, gets to the do you want to continue Y/N then aborts. What Gives? Exactly how are packages installed? Is it preferred to use this forum or launchpad for help?
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I assume if you are experienced with terminal then you remembered to update (apt-get update) first? Also if you are using the terminal (ie logged into the appliance - not sure how you do that with a hosted appliance) and using the terminal you shouldn't need sudo (unless of course you aren't logged in as root). I have only used the LAMP appliance (as a VM on a local PC) and have used both terminal and Webmin for installing modules and found both methods problem free. Perhaps you should document all the steps you've taken so someone else can see if they can replicate the problem?
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apt-get update is so far the only command that runs.

There really isn't much to say. After logging in to Webmin select Tools-->Command Shell. There is a form field to enter your command and you hit execute command. That's about all there is to it.

I do log in as root so no sudo needed. Is it possible there is a restriction placed on this appliance which makes it easier for Turnkey to maintain? I doubt it but worth asking about.

I have not tried command line executions from outside of Webmin with something like Putty. I'm sure it would work though. Just trying the Webmin GUI for these tasks.

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Webmin has a package manager built in. I haven't got my LAMP VM here in front of me so I can't help as far as where to find it (should be obvious), but that's what I've used (rather than the Command Shell) and its worked fine. Sorry sounds like I'm not being very helpful :(

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