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As part of my experimenting further with TKLDev I am attempting to build a recipe for a Pixelfed appliance. Pixelfed depends on Laravel, which is an existing TKL appliance. The Laravel appliance in turn depends on the formula for the LAMP appliance.

Because Pixelfed depends on a version of Laravel which depends on a version of PHP newer than what ships with the TKL LAMP appliance, I'm going to need to alter the formula for the LAMP appliance. I'm basically asking for tips on what the best way to do this is, especially with an eye toward future-proofing, by which I mean eventually getting my formula accepted as an official Turnkey Linux appliance.

At this point I'm not sure whether it's best to copy files into my project and just define the whole particular LAMP stack needed for the appliance there, or whether there might be an established way to (for example) fork the LAMP formula repo, make a branch, alter it in that branch, and then depend on *that* in my project....

Would love to hear any insight anyone may have.

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It looks like 'tweaking' LAMP to use non-standard repos will mean significant changes that render part of my above question moot, but, it would still be useful to know in general how one can best go about modifying integrations which are depended upon by others, e.g. LAMP depended upon by Laravel, when one is actually primarily working on Laravel.

That was a mouthful. Let me know if clarification is needed.

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TKLDev is built to (optionally) support using apt repo as a PHP installation source.

Also, I recently updated the Leantime app because it now needs newer PHP, so I can point you to a specific example. Have a look at the change I made to the Makefile and the plan. Note that the relevant plan needs to exist in common e.g. LAMP PHP 8.1 plan.

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Thank you! This will be very helpful. I had no idea TKLDev had support built in.

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