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We have deployed ADC from OVF. At first, it did not start since type 2 vmdk is not compatible with SCSI controller. So changing scsi to ide solved this problem and adc powered up. However, when we try to migrate compute resource vm powers off itself and the disk becomes corrupted.

On the other hand, migration works if the vm is powered of at the beginning. I assume this is somehow related with disk type but could not verify that.

Does anybody face with this issue before?


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If you have a very specific set up and want complete control over the virtualised hardware, you may be better off creating a new VM to your desired specs, then installing from ISO? Actually, you're almost certainly better off with the newer version (which isn't currently available in OVA).

If you do go that way though, there have been a few reported issues when installing grub when installing from ISO on VMware. If you hit that issue, then the work around is to select the manual option and type in /dev/sda (there will be an option for that too, don't use that, explicitly write it in the box).

Good luck and hopefully that works for you.

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Unfortunately before noticing this problem we had already start using this DC and created related structure on top of it. Therefore to decommission these two adc's we need to remove them from active directory topology, which is not a straightforward task on samba dc. So I will push forward to solve this issue to the end. 

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First I would spin up a new VM from ISO. After you've been through install, but before firstboot (i.e. when it reboots after running through the install steps), stop the server and take a snapshot for future use.

Then complete the firstboot and join the new DC to the AD domain you've already created. Personally I'd do that twice, as you're likely aware, you should always have at least 2 DCs. Then demote the old DCs.

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