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I've been running the older Redmine appliance release, from 2009 for a while now, but would like to upgrade to the new release. I've experienced a problem during boot configuration, though.

When asked to enter the root password, pressing any keys in an attempt to enter the password (numeric, or characters) causes the "Are you sure you want to quit?" dialog to pop up. I am still able to arrow down to OK, but any attempt to enter a password immediately causes the above message to pop up.

The appliance is installed on a VM in VirtualBox (latest release) on an Ubuntu 10.04 host. Any ideas what may be causing this?

Thanks in advance!


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Is the root password you speak of the Linux root password or is it something specific to Redmine? If its the Linux password its should be pretty easy to reset. Have a google. Redmine; I've got no idea, but google may fix that too?

I'd defilately try to sort that issue first, but once that's done have a good look at TKLBAM. I dtrongly suggest that you read up a bit first, but its quite straight forward. The original blog post and responses are well worth a read and the documentation, especially the FAQ.

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Hi JedMeister,

Thanks for the response. This is happening during the "Turnkey Linux - First boot configuration". If I respond "yes" to the exit prompt, and do this for each following password (mysql, etc.) the appliance runs ok, except the root and other passwords are unknown. 

I think it may be a bug..perhaps I'll head over to the bug tracker.


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Bug report:




I was connecting via VNC to the remote server with the Turnkey Redmine appliance running on it. For some reason, the keyboard registers a "[P" before every character entered, so this seems to have caused the issue. Entering the passwords locally, at the server terminal, fixed this.

May be an issue with Ubuntu server installs and keyboard over VNC. This problem doesn't occur with any other VMs or command lines running on the server (over VNC).

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It sounds like you haven't got a lot (any?) data in your TKL so you may not need to worry about TKLBAM at this stage. Have a look though, its pretty cool.

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