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I am new to Turnkey linux and am not very familiar with linux at all.

We have created a wordpress website on a localy installed vmware appliance.

I was able to upload and install SSL certs last year and everything worked properly.

Those Certs expired and I uploaded the new certs and selected them under 

Servers, Apache webserver 443. and rebooted the appliance 

after the reboot I can no longer access the site. 

( it is not live on the internet yet still getting the bugs out)

If I select the old certs and reboot again I can access the site again.

Where would I look for log files to see what the issue is?




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I suggest that you try checking the Apache service status. Hopefully that will show the relevant info:

systemctl status apache2

That will only display the last few entries though. To see more entries, check the journal (I've limited it to the last 10 minutes here, but you can adjust that if desired):

journalctl -u apache2 --since="10 min ago"

Alternatively, the Apache error log is /var/log/apache2/error.log plus there should also be access logs in there too (/var/log/apache2/). Note that the info in those Apache log files should be in the journal.

Hopefully that helps you diagnose the issue. Please feel free to share info from the logs if you need a hand.

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Found an entry in the log that indicated a problem with our certificate pem file.

followed instructions from Comodo SSL to re-create the pem file and all is working now.





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