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On a clean install of Gitlab 17.2, when saving settings as administrator, the following error:

We're sorry. Something went wrong on our end.

How to solve this problem ?

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Deep apologies on such a slow response. I've had some (non TurnKey related) crisis going on, whilst also trying to push ahead with the upcoming new major release (v18.x - based on the upcoming Debian 12/Bookworm).

Damn! I thought that we'd fixed all the GitLab issues in the latest v17.x release - seems that perhaps there are still issues?

Have you managed to resolve this or work out what it was related to?

If not, first I'd recommend that you check the usual things. E.g. make sure that you have enough free space on the system and there are sufficient resources for GitLab. GitLab is a beast, so you'll want bare minimum of 2 CPU cores and 4GB RAM, although 4 x CPU & 8GB RAM is recommended. Even if yours meets minimum requirements, it may be worth bumping resources if possible as that may resolve it?

If it's non of those (or you've updated stuff and still getting the same result), could you please share relevant log entries? GitLab related log files should be found in /var/log/gitlab. Alternatively you can view all logs live (i.e. see new lines as they are generated) like this:

gitlab-ctl tail

So probably the easiest way to get an understanding of the issue would be to open a shell and run the above command. Then try to recreate the 500 error in your browser.

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I just had probably the same issue in turnkey-gitlab version 17.1.1 available from proxmox templates. Advice about

gitlab-ctl tail

command helped me investigate problem further. In the end, I managed to resolve the issue by following these steps:

Database commands can be inserted in database console:

sudo gitlab-rails dbconsole

List of steps that led to the issue might help investigate root cause:


  1.  I've setup container from template and went through all the installations steps (I've skipped backup and other optional features),
  2. I've registered new user.
  3. I've changed password of root user.
  4. I've set up 2FA for root user.
  5. I've accepted new user registration.
  6. I've tried to disable registration for new users and encountered the problem.

I have no idea whether the issue was there from the beginning or not but my changing of root password might have caused it.

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Thanks for posting. Hopefully we should get a new version that actually works soon!

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