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In every container instance I enter password for root samba user. But I never used it. What is original idea behind this? How I supposed to use it? I fill like this will answer my biggest question.

1. I created ZFS pool /tank in PVE and add dataset /tank/nas there
2. I mounted that dataset to fileserver mp0: /tank/nas,mp=/mnt/nas
3. I created folder /mnt/nas/media there, added users assigned rights, shared with SMB all works fine to this point.

Now I need to add 2 more containers Mediaserver and Torrentserver. I want to share same folder to both of them.

What is the best approach to do that?



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It's just a default Samba user, so that there is a Samba user that "just works" OOTB. If you don't want to use the root Samba user at all, then you're right, it's of no value.

FWIW, if you install it from ISO (instead of using our LXC template) it just sets the root Samba user password the same as the Linux root user. We added the LXC firstboot script when it was requested from LXC users who wanted to use the root Samba user.

Also FWIW both Mediaserver and Torrentserver are built on top of Fileserver. So whilst you'll need both Mediaserver and Torrent server to get those specific namesake functionalities, you shouldn't need a separate Fileserver instance (unless you want one). You could instead use one of the other instances directly (they should have all the same functionality as Fileserver OOTB).

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