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Hi there,

I just installed the TKL Gameserver for the first time and ended up at this thread:

I don't have a reddit account so I'm commenting here, I found that the 'gameuser' account is specifically blocked in /etc/ssh/sshd_config for reasons I don't understand. Not sure if the reddit post is related.

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My understanding is that you log in via the "root" user (using the root password set on firstboot - as per any TurnKey server) and the 'gameserver' user is used internally for running the services (not used directly).

Maybe I'm missing something, but my understanding seems consistent with this note (in the conf script):

# Create GAMEUSER as (limited) sudo user (initially commented out - running
# gameserver-init will enable it; then disable it afterwards).

Also, I note that there is a doc page in the repo too. I'm not clear on how good that actually is, but it was updated last year, so hopefully it's still relevant.

Hopefully my post is of some value? If you get a chance, it'd be great if you could report back with how you go.

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Unfortunately the docs in the repo are incomplete, but I'm taking notes as I figure out how to use this, so hopefully I can improve them soon. I'm setting up a Minecraft server and maybe a couple others for my roommates although I don't play myself.

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Documentation is something that we really don't do well. Or more correctly, the bits we do do are generally pretty reasonable, but there are gaps you could easily drive a large truck through. And even the docs that do exist are often not kept as up to date as they should...

If you have any joy, please do share and perhaps we can improve things a little...

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