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Hi all

I was just wondering if it was just me or is it all Lamp 18.0 Webmin missing System Logs Module. I also noticed there is no maria/mysql log file in /var/log. The system logs to me is a big one ... so I don't have to ssh all the time to check the logs.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'm a command line guy myself, so whilst I always have a browse through Webmin, particularly for a point zero release, I don't exhaustively test it.

Despite that fact that I didn't (and likely never would) notice it missing, my strong suspicion is that many others would agree with you! So we'll certainly want to resolve that issue.

I suspect that this is an unintended result of us removing the syslog package in v18.0. It's no longer required as systemd's journald handles all the system logging. AFAIK (and google appears to agree) Webmin supports using the journal as a log source, so I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of config adjustment (in Webmin). (Fingers crossed).

I'll have a look and see what I can see and get back to you.

In the meantime, have a look for a cog icon near the top, towards the left of the right hand Webmin pane. IIRC it's not super obvious (I'd not noticed it before I read about it and went looking for it), but once you're looking for it, it's obvious enough. Hopefully it should be fairly self explanatory?

Another workaround might be to (re)install the syslog package? IIRC with defaults it should "just work", although that will only be for new logging.

I'll post back once I've got something to report either way.

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Scratch that... Install the webmin-logviewer package. I.e.:

apt install webmin-logviewer

Ok, so the webmin-logviewer package does support the systemd journal, but not particularly intuitive for specific services. To check your DB logs, click the 'view' button to the right of 'Output from journalctl --lines 100'. Then adjust other bits as desired, and put the service name that you are looking for in the search box. For MySQL (actually MariaDB - we probably should start being more explicit about that as they're diverging) search for 'mariadb'. That should show you all the relevant log entries from the journal.

And as I suspected, it's an oversight following the removal of syslog. Sorry, I forget that not everyone uses the CLI all the time and it just didn't occur to me. Thank you so much for reporting. I've opened a bug which I aim to address ASAP and start including it by default in the next batch (I had already started building them, but it's not that big a deal to rewind a little at this stage). I don't think it's worth re-releasing what we've done already, although I'm open to feedback on that.

Whilst you can install that package if you wish (and as I say, I plan to make it default). But that still won't get you your syslog back. I hinted how to do that above, but I've since discovered that the package name is 'syslog-ng' and the corresponding Webmin package is 'webmin-syslog-ng'. As i posted before, IIRC it should "just work". But please post back if that's not the case and we'll go from there.

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Great thank you Jeremy

Webmin Log-viewer that did the trick. It shows my more then I was hoping for. I have been a Turnkey Lamp user for 15 years, in that time only two problems and both were fixed very fast.

Keep up the great work...

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I'm glad to hear that worked for you. And thank you too for your kind words.

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Hi Jeremy

I was having another issue I was getting booted out of Adminer with error 403 forbidden, if I was doing alot of work, Well I noticed in the Log-viewer that mod_evasive was blacklisting my IP. So I added DOSWhitelist  IP to the evasive.conf. Another one fixed.

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Thanks for posting about that.

sometimes stuff like that is one of the unfortunate side effects of "tightening the security screws". It's good to be aware of and extra points for posting the fix! I'm sure that will be useful for others.

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