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Just looking for some support/advice. Working on setting up the LE certs via confconsole. My name host is nsone however they only host one of my subdomains. The scripts appear to be calling, rather than my subdomain resulting in a 404 error.

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Where is this running? What version of TKL is it? Confconsole? If unsure give me the output of:

# turnkey version

# confconsole version
apt list confconsole

What authentication/validation are your using? HTTP-01 or DNS-01?

Also could you please give me the full log; or at least some more of it. There should be a log in /var/log, perhaps /var/log/confconsole (sorry I forget).

Finally please share your domains.txt. IIRC it should be /etc/deyhdrated/confconsole-domains.txt or similar. Sorry I forget OTTOMH.

Once I have that info, I give you some thoughts and ideas.

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