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 I just downloaded the lamp appliance and have it running.
Seems to work good. I have multiple people that will be working on a website.

How can I change the permissions so that only certain users will have certain permissions to folders of the website?

I Can create a user and set the home directory to there section of the website but I do not see a section where to set permissions so they only have access to a certain folder.

Hope someone can help. If Iam not clear enough on what I need let me know.

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Quick tip: you might want to Google Unix file permissions. You can create groups and set access to files and directories at that level. The easiest solution is just to trust the people you're working with and instruct them not to bork things up.

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Thank You for replying.
I figured it out late yesterday. I didn't realize that there wasn't a diffrence from users and sftp users and that I had to set permissions for the users using the file manager. Iam familier with unix permissions so this was easy once I realized what was going on. I was used to using windows and plesk where everything is completly seperated. Unfortanetly its nessaccary in my enviroment. I work for a school system and can never trust end users. It always ends in disaster.

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