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I tested tklbam on two wordpress installations but it only restored the image to it's initial state, like fresh worpdress install sans 2 months of info and updating. I successfully installed tklbam about 2 months ago and it has been making backups without any problems since.  Is there a common mistake I've made?  I followed all of the directions, recieved no error replies, and have plenty of successful backups on Amazon.  I want it to work but I just don't know where I went wrong.  Is it an incremental issue?

-Standard Turnkey Wordpress Install

-Amazon Hub Account

-Host OS Windows Server 2003

-Sun VirtualBox 


Thanks for all of your work and help.  Many of my students love using Wordpress to do their writing assignments, and I love having all of their info in one place.   


 Mike Wilson

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Just so I understand. You have 2 wordpress installations on virtualbox, both using TKLBAM for backups. Lets call them WP1 and WP2.

Are you trying to:

  • Test your backups? (ie. restore WP1's data to a new wordpress installation - WP3)
  • Restore WP1 to a previous backup session (ie. rollback in time)
  • Merge WP1's data into WP2

Once its clear what you are trying to accomplish, it will be easier to help. The more details you can provide the better.

Solution is at the end.

I'm running a patched LAMP (our IEP-IPP) patch in a VMWare infrastructure environment. Today I logged in with the root account from the web shell and ran tklbam-backup according to usual routine. It usually backs up via TKLHub without a hitch. Today it spit errors out. I rebooted and tried again with no luck. I was just trying to capture the error at the end of the day when my spouse came in and let me know it was time to leave.

With that in mind, I certainly don't expect any support until I can get you the errors.

No I just figured it out - we're behind Websense. I have to manually authenticate with elinks or lynx to use tklbam. So now what I want to know is this: does anyone have a way to authenticate with websense using curl? I've done all the research online that I know how to do, and have been #curl and #bash. But no solutions have worked.

I should apologize for the verbose post. In fact I will: sorry for the verbose post.

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Within Websense, you should be able to create a client for the specific IP address that is your server so you wouldn't need to authenticate with a username/password.

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, we don't have an administrator for websense at the moment (or for the foreseeable future). At last check all my block of IPs were exempted, and they still have to authenticate. A support request was made, but to my knowledge either never filled or never followed up on. So my fix has to work without manipulating Websense. I have to authenticate with username and password to even ping. For the time being at least, we've done as much as we can with Websense (I don't have access - nor I guess do I want that responsibility). I can however, create a user on the domain specifically for this purpose.

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I am not a curl wizard but I see options that you can set to input a proxy address, username, and password.

Edit:  I think we may have hijacked this thread.  I apologize to the op.

My original post seemed on topic. But this isn't. Thanks Dan. I'm going back over the curl docs to see what I may have missed.

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