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Hi, thanks for your work; How can log in from the livecd on the same computer?

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I'm sorry but due to the brevity of your question it is difficult for me to understand what you are trying to figure out...

Could you elaborate a bit about what you are trying to accomplish? What exactly do you want to log into?

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Okay, how do I access the Joomla system from the live cd on the same computer? I've reached the command prompt:
What command do I run?
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I think I understand but doing what you want may be harder than you realize.

Joomla is a web application, so to log into Joomla you'll need a browser and to run a browser you'll need a desktop.

The recommended way to log into the Joomla is from a browser on a different machine.

TurnKey Joomla, like other software appliances optimized for server roles doesn't come with a desktop, since including one would add several hundred megabytes at least to the download image and it usually isn't required.

It isn't practical to add the desktop to the live CD, but if you install the appliance to the hard drive then you can install a desktop environment that includes a browser like this:

apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
Then just run a browser and point it to http://localhost/
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agree, thank you very much.

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