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Hi, the turnkey TWiki version is 4.1.2 i believe. Has anyone succesfully upgraded it to 4.3 or even 5.0 ?

if so, did you follow the standard instructions as per and/or anything special ?


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I would personally wait and see what version the new TKL release is.

From a quick look, it seems that the Twiki version included in the current stable TKL appliance is from the Ubuntu repos. The new TKL release will be based on Ubuntu Lucid and from what I can see, Twiki isn't in the repos anymore. This would suggest to me that the TKL Twiki appliance will include an upstream install (and I would imagine, they will use the latest stable version). Hopefully you will be able to easily migrate your data over suing TKLBAM, but I can't confirm this yet.

If you can't or don't want to wait, the instructions will help, but you'll need to remember that you will be going from a packaged (from Ubuntu repos) install to an upstream ('standard') install. That will make the transition a little tricker but should still be possible.

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ok thanks. do you know when the next release might be ;-)

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But if you have a look here then you'll find a pre-release version (RC for Release Candidate). Just remember its not quite a final release yet though. Its probably fine but it may contain bugs etc. If you find any please please post.

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I ran the new RC in live mode and saw the below when clicking on 'find extensions'


Error accessing Incomplete headers  This is most likely because the LWP CPAN module isn't installed.

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And without doublechecking with an installed instance it's hard to know if its a limitation of running in Live mode or whether its actually a bug. Perhaps you could try testing it by installing to a VM (in VirtualBox or similar) and testing for us? :)

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same thing happens when installed to HD in my VM :(

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Assuming that is what this error is suggesting, you could try this:

apt-get update && apt-get install libwww-perl

Sae if that helps, lry mr know how it goes. If the error changes, please post the new error.

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hi that did the trick. Something else is cropping up. Now before trying Turnkey I did manage to install Twiki 5 on ubuntu meerkat myself. With both my installation and turnkey im seeing this error whenever I install any plugins:

eg: AttachLinkPlugin


Warning: CPAN is not available, some installer functions have been disabled


Insecure dependency in require while running with -T switch at /usr/share/perl5/LWP/ line 386.
 at /usr/share/perl5/LWP/ line 386

Now i can't seem to find much (1 post maybe) mentioning this -T switch issue. The odd thing is that the plugins DO get installed and we then have to simply enable the plugin on the appropriate page. Would be nice to fix this error.


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At least the second message is - bug report here, discussion here. There is a workaround mentioned and a proposed patch. Be great if you could check it out and report back what works for you and we can get TKL to look at including it by default next revison.

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Removed the -T flag from configure and things looks much better :)

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