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I have a dynamic IP so when i get a new IP i have to reset my server how can i bypass this?


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I assume you mean a dynamic IP assigned by your ISP?

If so then you really on;y have 2 options:

1) change to a plan with a static IP - probably the best option although you will probably find that you'll need to go on a SOHO or business plan which may be dearer.

2) sign up to a service like DynDNS, I'm sure there are plenty of others. A basic plan is free.

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To get a static IP it will be about 50$ pre mo so

I'm using zoneedit and it's working fine,the server is not updating the IP i would have to reset the server(ubuntu) for it to get the new ip..

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I can't talk from experience because I use DynDNS and my router takes care of updating the IP so I don't need a separate client.

I suggest you contact  support for whichever client you are running because it sounds like either a bug or a problem with your config. Another option is to try a different update client. ZoneEdit list a few that should work with their service here

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When i get a new ip ubuntu is not updating it and have to go to the GUI and reset the ip so it can get the new one.

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I was suggesting that it is probably either a bug with whatever update client you are using (eg ddclient, zoneclient, etc) or a config issue (config of the update client). Have you got/had it working previously and now it doesn't? Or has it never worked properly? Have you checked your error logs? Many clients have a debug mode where they will log everything they are doing (ddclient does anyway). That would be a good place to start looking.

Perhaps its as simple as your update client is only running at startup but not in daemon mode (so it runs on startup but then closes).

My money is on a config issue, although with the limited info you have provided I'm only guessing. (ie which Turnkey Linux aplliance are you using? what dynamic dns update client are you using? what is your current config? what other modifcations have you made?)

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