With some guidance from me and the kind and caring support of folks at irc.ampache.org #ampache, our 6 tech students revised the Ampache patch based on Liraz' suggestions. I've attached the patch here. Like the previous version, it is intended to patch TKL's LAMP stack to produce an Ampache appliance. Ampache is now fully configured and ready to have media added.

Students arrived at multiple paths to solve a given problem; since we don't have the experience to guide us to what is best practice, we used what we learned here and from example patches to choose solutions. In cases where solutions were provided, but which I found difficult to understand enough to allow students to make a conscious decision to use the solution, we went with what we understood. In was case the students had to force my to stop troubleshooting the script and look instead to the overlays. They were right: that's where the sticking point was.

My only reservations here is that the Ampache version in the repos for Hardy are several releases old. But I recognize this is a short term problem if the migration to Lucid is impending.

In the meantime, we're hoping this is a step in the right direction, and still hoping to see TKL incorporate an Ampache appliance into the library.

As always, we're looking forward to helpful feedback and responses. And our sincerest thanks for the feedback that got us this far.

Build notes and the conf script will be available on http://9while9.com Sunday afternoon.

In the meantime, usernames and passwords:

MySQL user root, password root (until install)
MySQL user ampache, password ampache
Ampache user admin, password ampache

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I just applied this patch to LAMP and can confirm that you and the Chelsea school gang have indeed nailed the issues with the previous patch. Very well done! This will make an excellent addition to the next release of the TurnKey virtual appliance library, not to mention an inspiring story about the power combo that is education and open source.

A few minor comments:

  • I edited your post to emphasize which part is the user and which part is the password. For a moment there I didn't understand why I couldn't login with user ampache, password admin (it's the other way around of course).
  • I think you may have left a stray temporary file in the patch (conf_works)?
  • The confconsole usage information is missing PhpMyAdmin. I imagine that's because you copied it over from an earlier version based on TurnKey Core.  Not a big deal though.
  • It's possible to edit an existing post and attach additional files and/or remove old files. You don't strictly have to create a new post on the forum for each revision of the patch and sometimes it's better not to because otherwise the conversation can be hard to follow.

But these are very minor issues that make no difference to us in terms of re-using the work to add a new appliance to the library.

Thanks for the positive and encouraging words. Steven and Adrian, the two students with me now, are expressing surprise, happiness, genuine pride, and real encouragement to make more contributions.

The suggestions you make are in response to my carelessness; I bundled and sent the patch without the watchful eyes of the students who worked so hard on it. That was a mistake.

The patch has been revised: usage.txt has been corrected in the overlay directory; the stray file has been removed from the patch.

I have revised the original post to include the cleaned and corrected patch.

We look forward to making more contributions to TKL and the FOSS community.

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Hi guys, just today I'm looking for a solution to share music in my home network, and the name Ampache came in my research. I remembered I heard of it here in the forums. I'm happy there's something done. What I want is to upload my mp3's to a server and be able to listen to them on every machine of the network. 

My questions are:

- Is this what I'm looking for?

- If is not: do you know of other multimedia server?

- Is this tklpatch updated for the lucid release?


- If not updated: Does your team have plans to update it? 

- Will it make into the second batch of turnkey-lucid? 

I'll continue my research, nice to see you have your own Adrian in the team ;)

It's perfect for your use scenario. But in addition to through your lan, you can listen across the internet and on many phones.

The patch here is for hardy, which doesn't have 3.5.4.

Lucid has 3.5.4 which is much more solid than what's in hardy. We have a patch, or iso, or at least virtual machines  on http://9while9.com that I think have 3.5.4.

A cinch to install in any case.

We didn't update it because it's our understanding it'll be in the next batch of 11.0 appliances.

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I'll check with the guys if it's going to make to the second batch. I'll check your VMs also and give them a test drive.

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