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First, mad props, TKL ROCKS!!!. 

Second, the question. What is the best practice to ensure an appliance is powered on and configured with the optimal security (just concerning accounts, at the moment). I'm looking/preping a fileserver appliance for PRODUCTION deployment and am a just trying to see if there are any documents, links, blogs or anything related to an ideal secure deployment of said appliance. Currently you provide the "Default credentials" for all appliances, but i'm wondering if their are other accounts that I need to pay attention to? 

In particular, in the Webmin interface: System --> Change passwords, it lists a slew of accounts (intentionally not listing them here, by the way, don't need to temp fate). 

Besides changing the passwords or deleting the account, all together, for the "Default credentials", should I bother with the rest in this System list of accounts?

Lastly, I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate topic. I did search feverishly for "secure", "lockdown", "password", and "security". 

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Glad to say I have had ZERO issues with the FileServer appliance. Its just chugging along happy as can be. THANK YOU!

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But to answer your original question you've obviously found it's pretty secure as is. The only thing I'd do (if you haven't already) is disable anything you aren't using (for example  Webmin). There are probably more ideas but that's all from me :)

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