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Hi Guys ,

congratulations for your excellent work, I have a question about backing up to S3, I already have an account S3 and would like to use that as a test without creating a new S3 storage , is it possible?

Reggiani Mattia

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Not really. TKLBAM uses isolated S3 storage from your regular S3 account. For more information see the TKLBAM FAQ on S3 storage. That being said, it is possible, but you will have to jump through quite a few hoops to get it to work, and the end result will still require either manual actions to be performed for each backup/restore, unless you script it.

I honestly don't think it's worth the trouble...

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It can't be a matter of convenience. Isolated S3 storage for TKLBAM is set up automatically when you sign up. You don't have to do anything. What advantage would you get from getting TKLBAM to use generic S3 buckets?
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I never used S3 before and am not sure if this TKLBAM thing generates costs for me and if it does how much?


BTW: is this backup mechanism the only way to "upgrade" and TKL Appliance to a newer version (lets say 11.0 to 11.1?

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Unless of course you have copious amounts of data. Cost is pretty low, generally around $0.14/GB (per month if you are using it as backup, if you just want to use it to migrate you could make it a one off by deleting the data from S3). Check it all out on the pricing page in the TKLBAM docs. TKLBAM does support backup to alternate locations (rather than S3 - but you still need an Amazon account) but you'll need to configure that via CLI (see the docs - link above).

TKLBAM is the only "suppported/offical" way to upgrade but the beauty of open source is your freedom to do whatever you like. :) As TKL v2009.x is based on Ubuntu 8.04 & v11.x on Ubuntu 10.04 you could certainly find a tutorial online that will help you through that.

But it won't be fully TKL anymore, it would be more a hybrid with standard Ubuntu 10.04. For some appliances that may be good enough, but for many you will still need to manually upgrade further components to get closer back to the equivalent v11 TKL appliance. Even then I'm sure there would be numerous refinements that TKL devs have put over a standard 10.04 that you couldn't get without a clean install of v11. Bottom line there are other ways, but unless you want to learn more about it all by resolving the issues you'll most likely encounter, why not do it the easy TKLBAM way?

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How to upgrade my tkl appliance without costing too much, because I have a 500gb hard drive, and I was wondering if there anyway I can upgrade without costing too much to the new core version?

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The size of your hard drive doesn't matter so much as the amount of data you have. TKLBAM only backs up changes from the original installation. I suggest you do a simulation run (e.g., --simulate) which will tell you how much data you have to backup. You can try adding a negative override to remove especially heavy directories (e.g., /home/user/movies) from the backup and move those files using a more conventional method (e.g., cp, mv or rsync).

Another option would be to add a harddisk to the local machine and then use TKLBAM in manual mode (see the TKLBAM Usage FAQ > how do I backup to local storage) to store your backup to the external harddisk.

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