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This one is a bit tricky to ask so an example:

In the case of a tkl appliance acting as a file server how would one recover one users file without affecting others?

Say a user 'fred' deletes a file and a week later discovers that he did so in error and needs it back. (Which happens regularly.)

Say I restore from a backup prior to the date he deleted the file.

Won't restore use the base appliance as a 'template' and restore the entire system to the state it was in at that time, losing ALL changes after that date?

tklbam-backup/restore is an absolute wonder for migrating, or rebuilding a 'dead' machine, but is it practical as a true file backup/restore mechanism?

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If you want just one file, it can be done, but it will be a bit awkward as TKLBAM is designed as a higher-level system backup tool, not a file level backup tool. I think the easiest way to do this with TKLBAM would to restore the desired system backup set (e.g., from a week ago) to an instance in the cloud, grab the files you want and shut down the instance.

It would work, but it isn't really a good solution if you need to do this sort of thing regularly.

OTOH, nothing is preventing you from supplementing TKLBAM with more conventional low-level backup tools (duplicity is nice), or better yet revision control. I like using Git, autocommitted daily in certain directories. That way you won't even have to reach over the network to recover those accidentally deleted files.

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there is a 'File Server Appliance' I was trying to fit tklbam into the role of primary backup mechanism.

I see now that more conventional methods will still be required.

File by file, or folder by folder, restore is a very common occurance in a 'document intensive' office environment.

Thanks for the prompt answer.

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It may suit your needs. I think it will make it's way to the second batch of official appliances, but if not, search the forums for the tklpatch, and try it in your scenario.

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could this patch be applied to an exisiting TKL File Server Appliance or just to the core?

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But only one way to find out for sure! Make sure everything is backed up (I suggest TKLBAM) and test it out.

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