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Hi all,

I would like to have 1 box running as my fileserver AND my revision server. What is the easiest way to install the revision control appliances to fileserver or vice versa?

Thanks a lot



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Then just install Samba in the Revision Control appliance:

apt-get update
apt-get install samba webmin-samba

Obviously though it's not quite the same as the Fileserver (doesn't include eXtplorer for example). This also installs the Webmin module which will help with the Samba config.

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Just for my understandning, this will just be a simple and plain samba install as I would on any machine (no Turnkey Linux). 

If so, is there instead  another way to get get the Turnkey Linux File Server easily installed on the Revision Control appliance (which would e.g. include eXtplorer)

And if the later will not work, would it then not be easier to install the revision control on the File Server appliance (since then eXtplorer would be included).



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