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I am in a team working on a Wordpress-based web app, and we have a development process that goes local->test server->live server. It seems to me that TKLBAM could allow us to move through these steps by backing up one step and restoring at the next. I am assuming databases changes are migrated.

However, I am confused about how to handle the data - the live server has data on it being changed by other people, which we don't want to lose by accidentally overwriting with a backup from the test server.

I feel I need something a bit like "git stash" on the production server.

Any ideas?



Jonathan Lister

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tklbam-backup allows 'overrides' allowing you to select folders/databases to include or exclude from the backup.

See here:

Not sure if this will do what you need but look it over.

If your users data is in it's own folder/folders/databases it may work for you.

And, as always, be sure the 'live server' has a current backup just in case.

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Thanks Don,

I believe Wordpress keeps all the data in one file, although it does make use of several tables, and some plugins create their own tables. I can see that you can specify particular tables to exclude/include when creating the backups.

However, most of the data changes that I would need to migrate through from local to test, to live, would be changes within tables - a new page, or a change to a plugin setting. I don't know how to ensure these changes don't get missed, whilst not pulling a bunch of chuff test data with it.



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