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Hello all,

I recently setup turnkey backups. I noticed the backup of my server was ~480MB (~220MB  zipped) considering my server uses ~2.5 GB of HD space, I can assume turnkey isn't backing up the entire server?


Also, where is the backup stored on my S3? It isnt located in any of my buckets on the S3 console.

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TKLBAM is smarter than that.  TKLBAM's documentation will answer your questions better than I could.

Basically each appliance has a TKLBAM profile that describes what default packages and file structure exists in the appliance.  TKLBAM then determines what new packages have been installed and what files have been added or modified and compresses, encrypts and transmits them to the destination storage target.

By default that target is an S3 bucket in TKLHUB's S3 space which explains why you don't see the backup in your normal S3 buckets.

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that impressed me greatly was that new packages are simply 'kept track of' by the backup.

When a restore is done these packages are downloaded from the repos and installed on the target machine. Very clever.

This of course works only with packages installed with the package management system.

Apps simply extracted to webroot or elsewhere and configured will be backed up, they are usually quite small though.

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