Built a box, installed the file sever appliance. Used defaults. Created a user a share and a group. Cannot get to any shares from Windows except using root. What am I doing wrong? Trying to understand linux SAMBA and permissions (users, groups & shares) just does not act like I would expect. Can anyone help a Newbie?

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And each Samba user needs to correspond to a Linux user.

Beyond that it works pretty much the same as Windows file shares. I can't find it just at the sec but there is a link to a tutorial here somewhere...

Thanks, I'll work on it tonight. If you find that link please post it. 

Thanks, I found the right one after 2 tries and a complete reinstall of the system this one worked like a charm.


now that I got a good baseline I will start to explore the rest of it. I really went to far off the reservation before I knew what I was doing. I would highly recomend the above link to anyone who does not know what to do or how to start. This or somthing like it should be in the documentation for this appliance! Thanks again.

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