I don't know what's wrong. The application has been deployed "OK". It is listed together with the list of applications, it is running, started. But when I go to the URL directly clicking on the link or writing on the browser URL, it returned URL cannot be found in the server. What could be wrong ??

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Assuming it is trying to connect via hostname I'd be inclined to add it to your DNS. I have personally found Linux (and even Win ones sometimes) hostnames via WINS to be unreliable in conjunction with most consumer grade routers.

Have you tried connecting via IP? Also double check that there aren't any firewalls or similar in your network path to the server that could be blocking your way (by default TKL doesn't have a firewall enabled AFAIK - I've never had issues anyway).

No, it's connecting through ip address, the one which turnkey provides. I don't think  it's the firewall, because the admin tomcat page is viewable. I've even forwarded port 80 for that ip address. I've been checking the logs, there were some errors while I was modifying the MySQL engine to use default INNODB, it was to enhance the application I'm using -- performance, so I am not sure if it could be the problem. But the deployment was one-time, smooth and easy, fast.

Do you think I can mofify the engine by mysef, or do I have to request for changes by submitting ticket to turnkey linux ?

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I'm not familar with Tomcat so I can't really provide any more thoughts about how troubleshoot this further sorry. Hopefully someone with more idea than me will be along to help out.

As TKL appliances are all constructed using Open SOurce components, not only are you able to adjust things yourself, you are encouraged to! Modify anythinig you like. MY only suggestion is that you document what you do, so that you are able to replicate it again if you need/want to. It'd also be great if you can share your tweaks as others may also find it useful.

Also if there is anything that you think could be pre-configured better (ie the base state of TKL) I'm sure the devs would love the feedback. That won't guarantee that they will do it, but if you can put a good case forward they may do.

Good luck with it. :)

I figured out after reading the link provided by Muhamad. It's been resolved.

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