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Hi Guys :-)

Just getting setup with the hub functionality and all my boxes have backedup to amazon just fine except for my LAMP box which is hitting the below error:


OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/www/XxXxXxXx/XxXxXxXx/cache/zend_cache---internal-metadatas---Engine4_Zend_Translate_d2a0ec29343fea82e7abb9aeabb5adfe_Csv' 

Any ideas whats causing the issue or why the backup would not just continue? 


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TKLBAM backups aren't atomic, so things may change while you are backing up. Files may be deleted, for example, and that seems to be the same here. It would be helpful if you could provide the full backtrace if you have it so I can tell which part of TKLBAM is being effected by this issue.
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Hey Liraz,

Thanks for getting back, that makes complete sense so thanks for helping me out on that one. 

When i run the backtrace (which i have never done by the way, but a quick google shows me the light...sorta) does it need to be run in parralel with the manual backup or after it hits the error?

On a side note, when i hit the aws console and click on EC2 using the account registered for hub.turnkeylinux i cant see any buckets or data being stored...can i check thats right? 

Thanks! :-)


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When an error (I.e., exception) happens in Python, it usually prints out a detailed error message that contains enough information to debug what part of the program is failing. This is called a backtrace. In other words, if you cut and paste the full error message it would be easier for me to figure out what is going on than just saying that you get an OSError.

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