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I have a joomal turnkey appliance installed on a vps server. I updated it using apt-get update to the version with Joomla  1.5.15. How can i update it to the latest version with joomla 1.5.22. Because i want a joomla site migrated and its currently runing Joomla 1.5.22

Thanks in advance!

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The current stable Joomla1.5 (v11.x based on Ubuntu 10.04 - legacy is based on Ubuntu 8.04 - pls note there is also a v11.x Joomla1.6 appliance) has Joomla installed via an upstream tarball and is v1.5.22 (see here). The legacy devices had a custom deb (packaged by and for TKL). That won't help you much though if your VPS provider isn't offering the current stable images.

Unfortunately you'll be on your own there I reckon and you will probably have to manually update it yourself. Assuming that you need to use the legacy images and have to do it yourself, rather than updating the TKL Joomla appalince, you'd probably be better of starting with the TKL LAMP appliance and installing Joomla 1.5.22 from upstream tarball yourself. I'd anticipate that hacking your current install will be painful at best.

Good luck

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Thanks for your answer. Whats the easyiest way to install Joomla 1.5.22 for upstream tarball to the Lampp turnkey appliance ?

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I just had a look on the Joomla downloads page and v1.5.22 doesn't seem to be available anymore so hopefully v1.5.23 will work with your content (it should do).

I've never installed Joomla before but a quick scan over the docs makes it look pretty straightforward. Here's what I'd do:

Download the zip file from Joomla (from the above link) and unzip it. There are many ways to do this, but basically you want the file in the default LAMP document root (which is /var/www - this equates to the web root ie My preference is to do the process from within your LAMP server. To do that:

  • Log in to your LAMP appliance using either SSH (PuTTY is a good Win client if using Win OS) or WebShell via your web browser. Then enter the following code. The code should be fairly self explanitry but ask if you don't understand what it does.
  • cd /var/www

Then from your PC, browse to your LAMP appliance via its IP or domain name eg and follow the instructions for a Web install. There is a page on common issues and errors that is worth consultation if you have any issues. For customisations you may also want to consult the Joomla install FAQ.

If you have issues you can post back here but TKL users such as myself may not be much help to you. The Joomla 1.5 install sub-forum is probably a better place to get help. Keep in mind that the TKL legacy appliances are based on Ubuntu Server 8.04.

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