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I am currently looking to impliment Moodle at my workplace and seeing as I already have virtualised most of our infrastructure backend (using ProxmoxVE as hypervisor) and I have been working on creating OVZ templates, I thought I'd use Moodle running under OVZ.

All good to start with but I've just hit a minor snag. As I haven't used TKL Moodle v11.x before (I had a brief play with an earlier version) I'm not sure whether the issue is with the OVZ template, or whether its a TKL v11.x issue or just a local config issue. When I get a chance I'll double check myself, but if anyone else can confirm (or not) this issue that'd save me a little effort.

I haven't got far, I'm just setting up the Admin account (https://<hostname>/user/edit.php) all seemed ok until I tried to upload a user pic. This first time I clicked the "Choose a file..." button a box opened with a few more options. But when I clicked "Upload a file" I got an error: "Unsupported redirect detected, script execution terminated". But now I get that error straight away as soon as the box opens (before I select any options).

Anyone else had this problem with TKL Moodle? And/or got any ideas what I can do to resolve this?

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I have no idea what I've done but for some reason it seems to be working now?! I was concerned when I got to a similar box uploading course content but it worked fine, then out of interest I went back to the edit Admin page and it now works... strange!

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So that confirms what I found. Thanks for posting.

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Hello, I am trying to restore a course and when I select the course and try to upload I get the error. The course size is 605MB and I have change the 3 php.ini file setting to allow a file of this size and a much longer upload time. Any ideas would be greatly appeciated...We are running moodle 2.3.1

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Firstly, if you haven't already I'd try searching (or even posting) on the Moodle forums. Hopefully someone there may be able to give you some ideas of what else may be going on.

Alternatively, IIRV you can upload content via (S)FTP and then add the content via the WebUI. That may be the easiest workaround for now...?

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