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I need to alter localsettings.php in my Mediawiki directory.  How do I download and then upload this file so I can alter it within the admin pages?


Thank you in advance.


I figured it out.

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But don't feel too bad ninjie. Live and learn! :)

Not sure how you did it ninjie, but in case someone else has the same issue and is looking for a solution then there are basically 2 different ways to go (and many variations from there on in).

You can either edit in place using the command line (terminal/remote SSH) using a command line editor such as nano or vim eg

nano /path/to/file.txt

Or you can do it on your desktop by downloading the file via an SFTP client (such as Filezilla) and editing it from there and uploading back to your TKL appliance. Filezilla (and possibly other SFTP clients too) somewhat automates this process. If you right click on the remote file and select edit, it will download it and open it in the default text editor (if one is allocated for that filetype). Just one word of warning, avoid Win Notepad as it can corrupt Linux files. I recommend using Notepad++ (open source text/code editor for Win).

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