Any word on when the 64-bit versions of TKL will be ready? Do you have an early access version of 64-bit Core available by chance (I am willing to be a beta tester)? While the 32-bit version is sufficient at the moment, we'd really like to upgrade to 64-bit ASAP.



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We've had to redesign our build infrastructure to support 64-bit, and there were lots of blocking items, hence the delay. We're currently in the process of implementing the new design as part of a general initiative to remove bottlenecks that have been limiting TurnKey Linux development. But no ETA yet. Suffice to say that this is high on our todo list along with a few other related items. As soon as the 64-bit Core is ready we will make a public announcement.

Thanks for your quick response and your candidness about its priority and ETA.

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64-bit support is a high priority. Unfortunately, there were a few other higher priority items that blocked development, but these are almost all out of the way now. I don't like giving ETAs, but maybe a couple of months or so. Anyhow, for what it's worth if you start from 32-bit appliance now you will be able to use TKLBAM to migrate pretty easily to a 64-bit version.

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I believe all you need to do for upgrading the Kernel is Log in to shell and run this command. (I have only quickly tried this on a Virtual Machine inside of Hyper-V)

apt-get install linux-generic-pae linux-headers-generic-pae

Then after Installation is complete


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Using the standard desktop kernel maximises compatability across platforms (virtual and hardware). Besides its easy to change (to virtual optimised, server, pre-empt or PAE).

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But we'll have to wait and see. The TKL devs don't generally like to give clear timeframes (as they don't like to dissapoint and subscribe to the Debian philosophy of 'ready when it's ready') but hopefully it'll be soon...

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Alon and Liraz, Please Please make the 64 bit version!

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now that v12 is out (congrats) what about 64 bits ??

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Sorry, we hoped to have that out by the release but we're still working on it. I will say this though - it's a priority.

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See the announcement for details.

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I can't give out an exact release date but a 64-bit version of TKL LAMP is expected to come out in a few weeks. We're currently working on a maintenance release for TKL 12. It's a very high priority.

BTW, all these minor cuts and bruises are the reason TurnKey is useful and also the reason it takes time to work through all the issues for a release. If we could anticipate all the issues we'd run into we could predict release dates but that's almost never the case unfortunately. The thing that bites you is the thing you don't know you don't know.

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