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After rethinking and some more research it seems I'm reinventing the wheel on my TKL Base server project.

Openstack is building one version of the future and it has big backing.   TKL has TKLHub on EC2.

I'm getting the picture slowly.   Very interesting this cloud stuff.  Anybody else building out a structure for clients around here besides TKL?   Looking at stackops as a base.  If you find this email inappropriate to TKL ops delete it and I'll understand.  It's simply for discussion purposes.

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As long as it's polite and respectful and you certainly haven't stepped over that line! :)

AFAIK the Hub is tightly linked with AWS at the moment purely for functional reasons. The TKL devs hope to support as many cloud providers as possible but until there is some sort of interoperability and/or standard API (OpenStack?) that sort of support through the Hub is just not feasable. Especially considering they are a 2 man team. So AWS it is for now. I would imagine that the core devs are watching the development of OpenStack closely.

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As usual Jeremy you've hit the nail on the head. We think OpenStack is very very interesting. If I was a betting man I'd bet OpenStack will come to dominate the private cloud space. I think it would make a good candidate for a meta-TurnKey appliance that can run other TurnKey appliances and also as a Hub integration candidate, though the use case for that still has to be cleared up.

OTOH, AWS will probably remain the dominant public cloud in the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean we aren't interested in supporting additional public clouds such as RackSpace (which is backing OpenStack BTW). Quite the contrary. It's just a matter of limited resources forcing us to choose what we work on now vs what we work on later.

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Even if I didn't completely agree with you censorship would never cross my mind.

The only thing we delete on the forums is spam. We don't censor ideas we don't agree with or even highly critical/frustrated complaints, though happily we don't get many of those.

The only rule is to follow the Ubuntu code of conduct and keep the discussion civilized and respectful.

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Thanks Jeremy for the answer.   I'm old school on competition sometimes from past experience...I was commenting about competing concepts then discussing them here.  Peeps naturally tend to get defensive when that is posted in their forums.    Glad you guys are cool on that.  

Anywho....openstack and the first group to try to capitalize on them is stackops with their ISO.  I installed it and it is visually nice and simple but it is clearly not designed for newbies. 

Their install assumes many concepts and the typical use scenario-walkthroughs are lacking.  That was the opinion others wrote in to them at this early stage. Promising but lacking some basics.    I do like the way it works conceptually with nodes and 2 network topologies, one virtual one real.  It's really datacenter level design not small biz.  I'm sure they will eventually get it simplified for that purpose eventually.  So I still have my work cut out.  The market gap between a simple lamp stack on baremetal and a virtual datacenter is real and I still hope to fill it some how.  I.E. many folks like me don't want to use AWS type clouds...they want on premise for many reasons....2 being cost and privacy-trust issues.  On the original note...the reason I write openly is because who has the MIXED admin/dev skill set (I'm not a dev but I enjoy basic coding-config) at this time to cap on it ... not too many and definately not me....yet.

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