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I have recently Installed a Wordpress Apliance on a PC, So that one of my Clients can create an Intranet System with it. 

I am sorry if this has been asked before, but is is possible to change the name so that they can access there Intranet via Name rather than IP Address.





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If this is just for one person to access, you could configure their hosts file to point to the wordpress appliance. In which case I would recommend configuring it to use a static IP. But this is error prone and not scalable at all - but will work.

The better alternative is to setup DNS records, either locally or on the internet depending on your use case. If you have internet access you could use TurnKey Domain management & Dynamic DNS.

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This is going to be a local Intranet so really I just want something Simple

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If it's one or 2 PCs then adding an entry to each machines hosts file is perhaps the quickest and easiest way,

If it's for a number of PCs and you also want the advantage of any new PCs automatically getting access to the TKL appliacne without adjusting it, a DNS server is a better option.

If you already have an existing onsite DNS then just add an entry for your TKL machine. OTOH if you don't have one then installing DNS in your appliance is easy.

The package you want is bind9 and there is a Webmin DNS config module which is called webmin-bind8 (works fine with bind9). There is a bug (that has documented workaround) so you need to create a folder prior to installation or it will refuse to install (sorry haven't got the link handy but a quick search should turn it up)  If you set your DNS server to forward lookups to whoever currently provides your external DNS and on your current gateway, set it to use your TKL  server then you'll be good to go.

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