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I just want to use this for testing so I signed up for an EC2 account and will have a micro instance for free for one year.

When I try to setup the Turnky appliance I dont have the option to set it up using a micro instance.

What do I need to do to get this set using a micro instance?

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The technology is a little different. Small, medium and large instances do not have persistent data storage by default (so you lose your data when you terminate unless you have it backed up). With them you pay only for the instance itself (unless you have backup such as TKLBAM or use an EBS volume).

Micro instances rely on the EBS storage backend which gives them persisten data (and that's the catch, although you don't pay for the instance itself, you do pay for the persistent storage).

There are some blog & forum posts here on TKL which provide more details and some discussion. There are also a couple of relevant polls that you may wish to vote on here and here.

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