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  1.  How I can limit TKLBAM upload/download speed? It is supper slow for backuping or restoring 30G instance.
  2.  I do not want to backkup anything under /etc, e.g. /etc/group. How can I do that? It seems that TKLBAM
  3. backup User & Group files under /etc all the time.


Feature Requests:

  1. API for TurnkeyHub, need to integrate it with CRM system. 
  2. I want to use TKLBAM on MAC *^_^*
  3. Need a monthly report for all backups, e.g ID-Name: 30G. 



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Have a look at the TKL docs. It may not answer all your querries but at least some are there.

Overrides, TKLBAM with other systems, list of backups (may or may not address your report needs) and Hub API.

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Hi Jeremy,

Follow up with your anwsers:

  1. /var/lib/tklbam/profile/dirindex.conf & /etc/tklbam/overrides, what is difference with these two files? How dirindex.conf was generated? In my 30G instance, I already upgraded Tomcat package from 5.5 to 6, but it is still try to backup /var/lib/tomcat5.5. I guess this is a bug?
  2. Upload/Download speed limits are really important if you are trying to backup/restore 30+G instance at the first time. I am wondering if i can hack the code a little bit to meet this. Which piece of code shall I look at?
  3. hubtools is command line based. I am looking for some web services for collecting backups information.


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  1. dirindex.conf is the default TKLBAM profile that gets installed on the TurnKey appliance when you run tklbam-init.  You don't want to make changes to this file.  overrides is the file that gives you the ability to override the default TKLBAM profile.  The latest TurnKey Tomcat appliances come with Tomcat 6 already so I assume you must be using an older TurnKey Tomcat appliance if it had Tomcat 5.5 installed.  The older TurnKey Tomcat appliance probably only has a TKLBAM default profile for Tomcat 5.5.  Using standard Ubuntu tools to upgrade Tomcat will not make TKLBAM aware of the upgrade to Tomcat 6 which is why TKLBAM is still configured to backup 5.5.  It might be sufficient for you to just include/exclude appropriate directories in the overrides file.
  2. The python code for most if not all of the tklbam commands should be found in /usr/bin.  For example, /usr/bin/tklbam-backup is the script that performs tklbam backups.  Of course, there are some tklbam python modules that get imported by those scripts that you might have to track down.  If you want to download tklbam code to your desktop you can get it at http://code.turnkeylinux.org/.
  3. If you can code then you may just try looking at the hubtools code by either downloading it from http://code.turnkeylinux.org/ or https://github.com/turnkeylinux/hubtools and looking at how the command line tools use the web services of TurnKey Hub.  For example, the last couple lines of the backups.py file would be a good place to start for reverse engineering a way to get a list of backups.
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1. if I did a full-backup with 20G instance, one month later it will do another full-backup, which means it will double my quote (40+G). How I can prevent this happen. Is that possible for me doing incl backup only or new fullbackup will overwrite the old one.

2. I started 20G full-backup two days ago, it is still backuping right now. If i increase volsize, will it help to speed up uploading?

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So no data is ever deleted. In a forum post some time ago Liraz discussed making that configurable via the Hub although I don't think that has happenned yet. In the meantime You could message the core devs via the Hub 'feedback' feature (LHS when logged in) and ask them to manually delete old backups you no longer want. Still at $0.14/GB/mth it's less than $3.00/mth (plus any additional data you add durning the month) for each months backup...

As for your second question: AFAIK the bottleneck in the backup speed will most likely be your upload bandwidth. I'm not sure about where you are but for me in Australia with ADSL2+ my maximum upload speed is 1Mbps - which equates to about 450MB/hr; 20480MB (20GB) divded by 450MB = ~45.5hrs. That is a best case theoretical scenario. In the real world it is likely to take longer...

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I was sure either Liraz or I wrote a blog post about this, or at least a commented about it in related blog post - but I couldn't find it...

Anyway, you can specify how many full backups you would like to keep for any given server backup (set to unlimited by default). The setting is in the backup record under Max full backups, just click change to customize the setting.

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I too thought that it had been implemented but I didn't check/test, I just did a quick search of the forums and the post by Liraz I linked to (above) was the only really relevant one I could find.

Glad to know that it has indeed been implemented because I think it's a fairly important feature for those who don't wish to end up with TBs of data in the TKLBAM-S3 accounts.

Good work! :)

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I lost my power for at home for 30 seconds, my server reboot *^_^* Now, I have to wait another xxx hours.

Tklbam needs add another feature - resume uploading :-)

Thanks guys. This is really helpful for me. Now, I set Max-FullBackup = 1 now. Let us see how it works.

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The version of Duplicity TKLBAM uses on the back-end supported resuming but I turned it off after discovering a serious bug that could have lead to data corruption. Since then that has been fixed. I have a TKLBAM maintenance round coming up soon so will look into upgrading Duplicity and turning resume support back on.

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