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I recently purchased a reserved instance from Amazon because I noticed that I always had at least one server up and running.  But, to my surprise it appears as though I'm still paying 8.5 cents an hour to TKL.  Is there no support for reserved instance usage in the TKL/Amazon EC2 model?

I've looked around but can't seem to find anything on the subject.

By the way - I love the project.  Great work.


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Sorry this is a limitation with any AMI that is linked to DevPay. None of that 8.5 cents goes to us. We've actually tried talking about this with Amazon developers. Hope they'll get around to fixing this as it would be pretty sweet if reserved instances worked...
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I was wondering if there was any update on Reserved Instance support? Has Turnkey considered another pricing model for Reserved instances?

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It's not that we have decided on any particular pricing model for reserved instances. These are limitations imposed by the DevPay system we're using. It would be great if Amazon would just add support for reserved instances to DevPay, but in the meantime we are considering several technical workarounds. If these prove viable, then as soon as an option becomes available, we'll make an announcement. No timeline yet.
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The new EBS-backed instances work with reserved instances, but there's a snag. Reserved instances are limited to a specific availability zone.

The Hub transparently routes activity to an availability zone with spare capacity. Initially, there is no guarantee when you launch a server that is going to land in any specific availability zone.

I say initially because after you use the Hub to create an asset (e.g., EBS block) in a given region, the Hub will "pin" your account down to a specific availability zone.

So here's a workaround for now: create an EBS volume asset such as an EBS device via the Hub. Log into the Amazon web console to find out in what availability zone it was created, then purchase a reserved instances in that availability zone. When you launch an EBS-backed instance, Amazon should apply the reserve pricing...

I admit this is kind of clunky. We'll think about how to streamline this...

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Thank you for your quick response.


enter 2.0

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Thanks to everyone who prodded us to support reserved instances. You guys convinced us this was a must-have.

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