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Hi all

I have launched a WordPress site using the great WordPress Turnkey Appliance but went for the medium option and it doesn't look like we need this size so what's the best way to downsize to small or even micro?

I can see there is a Restore this backup to a new cloud server option within the back up area of the hub but I need as close to 0 downtime as possible during this downtime

Thanks in advance!

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There's no way to downgrade a server in place if that's what you mean. Backup, launch a new server of the size you want, restore the backup, test that it works and switch your DNS hostname over.

To minimize downtime I recommend you first reduce the TTL of the hostname to 10 seconds and let that propagate through the DNS system for as long as your previous TTL was (e.g., 86400 = 1 day).

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Yes downgrading the server in place was exactly what I was meaning as I am used to this from other slice / node based VPS interfaces.

Is it on your roadmap to allow such functionality?

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