[deprecated] Notes on Samba Domain Controller - AD accounts / Kerberos

Please note that this documentation is old and almost certainly no longer relevant to TurnKey Domain Controller v14.x or newer. This page relates to TurnKey DC v13.x and before.

Copy/paste from the forums:

Some notes on one person's experience with deploying the Samba PDC appliance.

1. Deployment was to an existing Win2000 Active Directory network managed by two DCs already; applicance hosted as Ubuntu in an Oracle VirtualBox on Win7 Pro machine

2. The boot configuration screens take in domain ID and so on;

3. Using either webmin or command line "net ads join -U Administrator" failed, "host not configured as member server"

4. I noticed that there was no /etc/krb5.conf , so no Kerberos. 

5. Used package manager to install Kerberos; did a kinit of Adminstrator; still no luck

6. Using the native windows server AD admin functions, add a computer account for Samba machine's name  andm make its primary "Domain Controllers"

7. Check with "net ads testjoin"  - all's well now; oddly the step of "net ads join" was not repeated.

8. Verify the DC using nbtstat on a different network computer...it's not the master browser, and it's a BDC. 

9. Back it up

About two hours of debugging overall.  Price was right, since this is less expensive than a dedicated bare-metal solution.