TurnKey on Microsoft Hyper-V

TurnKey should work fine OOTB on "Gen 1" Microsoft Hyper-V. We recommend installing from ISO but it has been reported that teh VMDK build can be converted to work with Hyper-V. If using a converted disk make sure the disk is at the top of the boot order.

For "Gen 2" you will need to disable secure boot in the firmware config. You do that by opening the VM's settings, go to the Firmware tab, then uncheck the 'Enable Secure Boot' checkbox.


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What about Hyper-V integration services? I read somewhere that package "hyperv-daemons" is needed for VSS (Volume Shadow Service). VSS is needed to take host-level backups with the Linux guest running the whole time. Without VSS, the virtual machine is paused for a short time and a non crash-save image of the machine is backed up.

I tried installing hyperv-daemons on Turnkey Jessie (Ruby on Rails appliance), which did nothing. My backups still pause the guest OS.