Install TKL v13.0 on Citrix XenServer 6.2

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The 13.0 rc3 finally works with XenServer 6.2.0 without any major difficulties.

  • Create new VM from 'Other install media' (you get a HVM guest this way.)
  • Installation source: ISO image
  • Update packages using apt-get
  • Install XenServer tools
  • Reboot

Optionally: change guest's virtualisation method from HVM to PV as described above. The surprising thing is that you see memory, network and performance meters in XenCenter and can reboot, suspend or shut down the machine from there, as if it was a PV guest. If you check the HVM-boot-policy and PV-bootloader params of the VM, you'll see that XenServer recognizes it as a HVM guest, but that does not have any effect on the above mentioned features. Yet, it makes sense to change these params to get a PV guest.