Information related to OpenLDAP and the TurnKey Linux OpenLDAP appliance.


OpenLDAP integration with other appliances

Note: settings in red must be changed according to your setup.

  • OpenLDAP
    • Log into phpLDAPadmin as administrative user
    • Create new user account (PosixAccount) in Users OU
    • Add mail attribute to new account
  • Redmine
    • Log into Redmine as administrative user
    • Click administration -> LDAP authentication
    • Click new authentication mode
      • Name: TurnKey OpenLDAP
      • Host:
      • Port: 389 (LDAPS not checked) || 636 (LDAPS checked)
      • Base DN: ou=Users,dc=turnkeylinux,dc=org
      • On the fly user creation: (checked)
      • Login: uid
      • First name: givenName
      • Last name: sn
      • Email: mail
    • Click save
    • Click test
    • Logout
    • Log in as the user created in OpenLDAP
    • Smile...



Michael Grate's picture

It isn't very clear how to configure client side with Turnkey Linux and documentation on the openweb is shotty, even for non-turnkey configurations.

anonymous's picture

Yes I agree. How do we connect client side?

peppolon's picture

Hi , the appliance work very well.

I need that users in any OU can login without specific your OU, example:


Login DN: cn=maxrisk,ou=engineer,dc=test,dc=com


Login DN: maxrisk

and if possible that the user cannot see all ldap tree but only his account and change only password.

....... I need that users can change your password without administrator do this...

It's Possible ???





Dinesh Babu TG's picture


Can I create the multiple domain accounts in the single open LDAP server. I'm not able find the way to configure the new/second dc in the turnkey open ldap.




kavya's picture


How to enforce user password related policy in turnkey open ldap 13? I found the following ldif content on openldap docs.

       dn: cn=default,ou=policies,dc=example,dc=com
       cn: default
       objectClass: pwdPolicy
       objectClass: person
       objectClass: top
       pwdAllowUserChange: TRUE
       pwdAttribute: userPassword
       pwdCheckQuality: 2
       pwdExpireWarning: 600
       pwdFailureCountInterval: 30
       pwdGraceAuthNLimit: 5
       pwdInHistory: 5
       pwdLockout: TRUE
       pwdLockoutDuration: 0
       pwdMaxAge: 0
       pwdMaxFailure: 5
       pwdMinAge: 0
       pwdMinLength: 5
       pwdMustChange: FALSE
       pwdSafeModify: FALSE
       sn: dummy value

But this has an object class called pwdPolicy which i don't see in turnkey openldap 13. Is there any other way for this?

CJ's picture

I'd like to have replication setup for backup/DR, and it seemed like older versions of the appliance could do that, is that still true?

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how can i acced in browser interfaces and thanks.

Jon's picture

Trying to implement LDAP into ownCloud, but getting warnings that the LDAP instance doesn't support MemberOf

Luis F. Gonzalez's picture

Ok - what is Redmine supposed to be?