tklbam-backup: Backup the current system

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tklbam-backup [ -options ] [ override ... ]


<override> := <filesystem-override> | <database-override>

Overrides are usually configured in /etc/tklbam/overrides.

Filesystem overrides

<filesystem-override> := -?/path/to/include/or/exclude

This includes or excludes additional files and directories from being backed up if they've changed since installation.

Overrides defaults in /var/lib/tklbam/profile/dirindex.conf

Note overrides that include a space in their path do NOT need to be escaped when included in /etc/tklbam/overrides (just put them on their own line). If excluding/including them from the commandline, they can be escaped or quoted. E.g. /path\ with\ space/ or "/path with space/".


  • If you add a directory handled by package management this may break package management on the system you restore to.
  • Only changes (e.g., new files, edited files, deleted files) from the base installation are included in a backup.


# exclude log files in /var/www

# ignores changes to webmin configuration

# include the contents of an external hard disk...

Database overrides

<database-override> := -?mysql:database[/table]

By default ALL databases are backed up. Adding a positive override changes the default behavior so that only the database or table specified in the override is included in the backup.

You can mix positive overrides with negative overrides.


# exclude Drupal6 sessions table

# only include drupal6 database


              Note: Alternate targets may require additional dependancies E.g. to use SSH you will need to install
              'python-paramiko' (apt-get update && apt-get install python-paramiko).
              Currently the requirements of each target are not documented; however if you keep in mind that TKLBAM
              uses Duplicity as a back end, google should provide guidance.

  • --dump=DIR: Dump a raw backup extract to path.  Tip: tklbam-restore path/to/raw/extract/
  • --raw-upload=PATH: Use Duplicity to upload raw path contents to --address
  • --address=TARGET_URL: manual backup target URL. Default: automatically configured via Hub

                  Supported storage backends and their URL formats:


  • --resume: Resume aborted backup session
  • --disable-resume: Disable implicit --resume when rerunning an aborted backup
  • --simulate, -s: Simulate operation. Don't actually backup. Useful for inspecting /TKLBAM by hand.
  • --quiet, -q: Be less verbose
  • --logfile=PATH: Path of file to log output to. Default: /var/log/tklbam-backup
  • --debug: run $SHELL before Duplicity

Configurable options

  • --volsize MB: Size of backup volume in MBs. Default: 50
  • --skip-files: don't backup filesystem
  • --skip-database: don't backup databases
  • --skip-packages: don't backup new packages
  • --s3-parallel-uploads N: Number of parallel volume chunk uploads (Default: 1)
  • --force-profile=PROFILE_ID: Force backup profile (e.g., "core")
  • --full-backup FREQUENCY: Time frequency of full backup. Default: 1M <frequency> := <int>[DWM]|now

    3D - three days
    2W - two weeks
    1M - one month

Resolution order for configurable options

  1. comand line (highest precedence)
  2. configuration file (/etc/tklbam/conf):
    # comment
    <option-name> <value>
  3. built-in default (lowest precedence)


       # Full system-level backup

       # Same result as above but in two steps: first dump to a directory, then upload it
       tklbam-backup --dump=/tmp/mybackup
       tklbam-backup --raw-upload=/tmp/mybackup

       # Backup Duplicity archives to a custom address on the local filesystem
       tklbam-backup --address=file:///mnt/backups/mybackup
       tklbam-escrow this-keyfile-needed-to-restore-mybackup.escrow

       # Simulate a backup that excludes the mysql customers DB and the 'emails' table in the webapp DB
       # Tip: usually you'd want to configure excludes in /etc/tklbam/overrides
       tklbam-backup --simulate -- -/srv -mysql:customers -mysql:webapp/emails

       # Create separate backups with unique backup ids containing the previously excluded items
       # Tip: use tklbam-status after tklbam-backup to determine the Hub backup ID
       export TKLBAM_REGISTRY=/var/lib/tklbam.customers-and-webapp-emails
       tklbam-backup --skip-files --skip-packages -- mysql:customers mysql:webapp/emails

       export TKLBAM_REGISTRY=/var/lib/tklbam.raw-srv
       tklbam-backup --raw-upload=/srv


  • Configuration files: /etc/tklbam/overrides, /etc/tklbam/conf, /etc/tklbam/hooks.d
  • Local cache of profile: /var/lib/tklbam/profile


Timeout's picture

If I do not want TKLBAM backup any MySQL databases, how am I going to do that?

Liraz Siri's picture

Either skip all database backups with the --skip-database or add -mysql:database_name to your overrides.
Birger Krägelin's picture

tklbam-backup has hardcoded --s3-unencrypted-connection which works for Amazon S3. Our own S3 storage offers TLS encrypted access only. Are there any plans to adapt that in the future? It's annoying to patch every instances /usr/lib/tklbam/ Thanks, Birger
Jeremy Davis's picture

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. IMO TKLBAM is well overdue for some love. No promises when it'll happen, but I have opened an issue on our tracker so it doesn't get forgotten.