TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

tklbam-list: List backup records

tklbam-list [ <format> ]


By default uses a built-in format, unless a user-specified format is specified.

Format variables:

%id                     Backup id
%label                  Descriptive label
%turnkey_version        Appliance version code
%server_id              Associated server id (- if empty)
%created                Date the backup record was created
%updated                Date the backup record was last updated
%size                   Aggregate size of backup, in MBs
%address                Backup target address
%key                    Base64 encoded encrypted keypacket
%skpp                   Secret Key Passphrase Protection (Yes/No)



tklbam-list "backup_id=%backup_id label=%label size=%{size}MB"


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Manual backups

Hi, I noticed that manual backups are not reported in this list function.

Is there some where I can get a more info on manual(local) backups.


  1. Forcing a fullbackup
  2. restoring a certain point in time etc
Jeremy Davis's picture

Unfortunately not...

The tklbam-list command queries the Hub API, so unless your backups are handled by the Hub (i.e. you are using AWS S3 storage) you need to take care of your own backups.