Torrent Server

Information related to the TurnKey Linux Torrent Server appliance


In v14.0 & v14.1, the TurnKey Torrentserver appliance uses rTorrent on the backend and ruTorrent as the WebUI. These doc pages need updating but in the meantime there are many browser extensions that can make adding torrents to ruTorrent/rTorrent super easy.


Due to numerous complaints about the stability of rTorrent, in v14.2 we have switched to using Tranmission. We understand that this may not be to everyone's liking, so we may well produce both a Transmission server and an rTorrent server for v15.0. We'll see how we go... If anyone would like to be involved in that, please get in touch. I suggest posting on the forums or perhaps post an issue on the tracker (especially if you are keen to do the work!).

Using a VPN Server To Secure Internet Traffic To Your Torrent Server

If you have a VPN provider, or access to an OpenVPN server, you can use the Turnkey Linux OpenVPN Appliance to act as a router. When installing your OpenVPN appliance, use the "Client" option for setting up OpenVPN. You can read about configuring an OpenVPN Server as both a client and a router here.

You can edit your Torrent Server's defualt gateway to use the static IP of your OpenVPN router like so:

nano /etc/network/interfaces

#ISP Router IP is
#OpenVPN router IP is
#Torrent Server IP is

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static