• Selection: the largest free software repository. Over 37,500 packages.

  • Security: all packages are supported with carefully backported security updates that can be safely installed automatically.

  • Stability: Debian has a well deserved reputation for rock solid stability. Other distributions are often not even comparable to the Debian testing branch.

  • Free: Debian is 100% free software. Free from hidden backdoors, free to use, learn from, modify and redistribute.

  • Community: Debian is powered by the world's oldest, largest and most vibrant free software non-profit organization. Debian democratically governs itself using the Debian Social Contract as its constitution.

    There are over 1000 passionately committed Debian Developers worldwide. Debian also has the largest ecosystem of derivative distributions. The focus is on development not marketing, which has created a paradoxical situation in which the branding of Debian based distributions such as Ubuntu is better known in certain circles (e.g., commercial industry) than Debian itself.

  • No central point of failure: many other commercially sponsored Linux distributions have a central point of failure. They are largely dependent on the success and continued independence of their commercial sponsor in a competitive marketplace. As a non-profit organization Debian can not fail in the marketplace or get bought out. Debian has been around for more than 20 years and it will be around in another 20. The same can not be said for other Linux distributions.