Why is TurnKey GNU/Linux based on Debian?

  • Selection: the largest free software repository. Over 37,500 packages.

  • Security: all packages are supported with carefully backported security updates that can be safely installed automatically.

  • Stability: Debian has a well deserved reputation for rock solid stability. Other distributions are often not even comparable to the Debian testing branch.


In what sense is TurnKey GNU/Linux free software?

TurnKey is 100% free software and by free we mean in the important sense of freedom not price. Free as in free speech, not free beer.

That means TurnKey is free from restrictive proprietary licensing, free from hidden backdoors and free to use, learn from, modify and distribute. See the licensing page for full details.


Why should I care about free software?

Without the values and fruits of free software, the Internet wouldn't exist and neither would this project. If you care about living in a free society, enjoying free speech and the freedom of the Internet - you should care about free software too.

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Who started TurnKey and why?

TurnKey GNU/Linux was founded circa 2008 by Alon Swartz and Liraz Siri. Like many aspiring young hackers of their generation, they grew up with the Internet and were hungry to unlock its secrets.