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 Hi all,

 I'm using your Rails appliance and I'm really enjoying. It saved me a lot of time. I have only one question. What motivated your choice for apache+mongrel_cluster? Have you already heard about Passenger? Maybe It would be a good choice too. Another suggestion is to include git with this appliance, since a great number of Railers uses it for SCM.

 Thanks for your attention. Just suggestions.



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Hi Alberto, We took a look at Passenger as an option when we were developing TurnKey Ruby on Rails. It looked very promising but at the time mongrel cluster looked to be a more mature stable solution. For example, Passenger wasn't in the Debian/Ubuntu package repositories. I think it's still missing unfortunately. The official documentation recommends installing from source, but doing that breaks TurnKey's auto-updates mechanism which means security updates need to be applied by hand.

We'll look into including Git by default for the next version. That might be a good idea. Meanwhile installing Git is pretty easy if you want it:

apt-get install git-core
Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!

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